Data Analytics/Informatics

Honnête’s Information Technology Business Unit applies modern innovation and technology intelligence to analyze business needs, opportunities, and threats. We inform strategic planning, expedite decision-making, and intensify business impact by ensuring the integration, efficiency, accuracy, availability, and analysis of key business metrics.

Our information technology engineers deliver solutions that matter and approach sophisticated challenges with multi-disciplinary precision and tact. Core competencies of our Information Technology Business Unit include:

  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Systems Design
  • Computer Facilities Management
  • Network Implementation & Configuration
  • Data Integration/Migration
  • Website Design
  • Web & Mobile Application Development/Maintenance
  • Information Assurance and Security
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Dashboards for Data Mining and Analytics
  • Help Desk and IT Support
  • IT Infrastructure Development/Maintenance
  • Gap Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Network Engineering
  • IT Training
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